Additional Services

MiniDVD Recovery

Have you recorded family events with your MiniDVD recorder only to not be able to play them back due to a damaged disc? Tailor-Made Transfers can recover those memories.

Common problems with MiniDVD format are the inability of the disc to play back, finalize or the camcorder may have been bumped or even dropped.

Tailor-Made Transfers has the technology to be able to recover video from damaged or malfunctioning MiniDVD discs. We will provide you with a free evaluation (postage extra) and, if recoverable, transfer your video to a new DVD-R with chapter points placed every three minutes.

The typical cost for MiniDVD recovery from most digital information recovery services ranges from $100 to $500 per disc. Tailor-Made Transfers' price is only $75 per disc plus postage.