Film Transfers

Transfer your old home movies to DVD

Tailor-Made uses the state-of-the-art, MWA Flashtransfer Choice2K+™ and FlashscanHD™, the latest in film transfer technology, producing the finest picture quality available. This equipment, up until now, has only been available to film archivists and Hollywood film makers. With a full-time staff of experienced technicians dedicated to film transfers, Tailor-Made can actually improve the quality of your fading films when you transfer them to Digital DVD or hard drive in standard definition or high definition.

Over time, movie film deteriorates. Not only will the projected picture fade, but the film itself can become brittle and snap. Digitizing and transferring your home movies to DVD will ensure that your memories will last a lifetime.

Tailor-Made Transfers uses its own proprietary system for editing, removal of blank spots and correcting color, contrast and brightness. In addition, Tailor-Made Transfers' production value is second to none. Your DVD will include chapter points, menus and background music. It is this attention to detail that sets Tailor-Made Transfers apart from the others.

Film Reel Sizing GuideIf you are not sure of the footage of movie film you have, print out our handy film reel sizing guide.