Film Transfers

FAQs About Your Home Movie Transfer


What will I get back?

When your transfer is completed, all of your movie film will be returned along with any boxes in which the reels were stored. The film will be cleaned, spliced onto larger reels where necessary, and renumbered. Your transfer will be on a Hi-Grade DVD-R with a Deluxe plastic storage case.

Can I have my film returned on the original 50-foot reels unspliced?

Yes. Add $.03 per foot to the transfer price.

How much film can fit on a DVD?

Reg 8mm = Approximately 1600 feet
Super 8mm = Approximately 2000 feet
16mm (24 fps) = Approximately 4000 feet
16mm (18 fps) = Approximately 2500 feet

How can I estimate how much footage of film I have?

3-inch reel = 50 feet
4-inch reel = 100 feet
5-inch reel = 200 feet
6-inch reel = 300 feet
7-inch reel = 400 feet

My projector only accepts 200-foot reels. Can I have all my 50-foot film reels spliced onto 200-foot reels?

Yes. Add $.01 per foot to the transfer price.

Can I have specific scenes edited out of the film transfer?

During our film transfer process we do not provide scene editing. You may, however, do your own editing before submitting your order to us. See our editing services for post transfer editing.

My film contains scenes that are very light and/or very dark. Can you fix that?

If you are transfering your film to DVD, we can enhance the picture and have a better chance of improving the picture on our editing system.

I have Regular 8mm, Super 8mm, slides, and photos I want transferred onto the same DVD. Can this be done?

Yes. Different media formats can be transferred onto the same DVD. See Repeating Video/Media in film transfer additional services for details.

Can video recorded on my camcorder be added into film transfers?

Yes. See our section on videotape editing for details.

Our film reel box's say that the enclosed reels contain only 25 feet of film. Is this so?

The original film was purchased it actually contained 25 feet of 16mm film (although it had the proper amount of sprocket holes for R8mm film). After the first 25 feet of film was shot, the camera was opened and the film spool was flipped to the other side, and the other 25 feet of film was shot. During processing, the film is split down the middle, resulting in two lengths of 8mm film, each with a single row of perforations along one edge, and glued together on the reel which you now have containing 50 feet of film.

Can I have extra copies made for my family?

Yes. See additional services for details.

Will my DVD play on my DVD player?

DVD-R disks are used for transferring your images to DVD. In order to take advantage of this technology, your DVD player MUST be compatible with DVD-R. 99% of DVD players manufactured in the past two years will play your DVD transfer. Please check your DVD player manual for compatibility or contact the manufacturer.

What is DVD-R?

DVD-R is a disk onto which information (your video) can be written. Think of it as the same type of CD-R you may use to copy music files on your computer, however, the DVD-R can hold much more data.

I have an editing program on my PC, can I edit the files on the DVD?

The files on your completed DVD are not editable. If you want editable files you may want to consider having us transfer your film and/or videotape to .avi (most popular) or another type of video file. We can accomidate whatever editing needs you may have.

I had my film transferred to VHS many years ago. Should I transfer that VHS videotape to DVD or should I have my film transferred again directly to DVD?

We can transfer your VHS videotape to DVD but you should consider having you films converted to DVD. The picture quality from our "Tailor-Made system" is astonishingly better.

I have old 16mm movie film. It was shot at 18 (fps)frames per second. I understand that most projectors run at 24 fps and make the film run in fast motion, looking like an old Charlie Chaplin movie. Is this true?

We can deliver your film at the correct speed so that you can enjoy you movies at the speed that it was filmed at.