Tailor-Made Dealer Program

We invite you to see for yourself what a professional transfer service really means by establishing your business in the Tailor-Made Dealer Program. As a Tailor-Made Dealer, you will have access to the Tailor-Made dealer website, which will enable you to prepare your customer's orders and provide an estimated cost of the transfer, set your own price points, and view the ongoing status of each order. In addition, you will have access to the latest industry news and Tailor-Made point of purchase materials for display.

Dealer Home Page Main Menu

When you log in to your dealer account, you will first be greeted with the main menu. From this menu, simply choose one of the options available to you depending on your access level. When you account is set up, the main dealer contact is defaulted with level 1 authorization, which allows for complete access to each option. Level 1 authorized users may add others to access the account, however, only those with with level 1 authorization have the option of updating the dealer information such as price points, business information and user administration.

Dealer Main Menu

Online Order Preparation and Placement

The main advantage of becoming a Tailor-Made Dealer is the ability to prepare your customer's orders online. This process is completely automated and takes less than 2-minutes in most cases. Imagine the time savings afforded by having order estimates pre-calculated with your pre-set prices and order forms prepared for printing.

Order Placement
Order Estimate Preview

Order Status

Once orders are placed through your Tailor-Made Dealer account, each one is subsequently available to view its status from the time it is placed through completion. This allows you to keep your customers informed as to when they can expect their completed transfer.

Order Status

Set Your Own Price-points

The Tailor-Made Dealer account allows you to set your own prices for the services offered to your customers via the online order preparation module. On you initial account setup, you are presented with a complete list of services, Tailor-Made's wholesale costs and suggested retail prices. You may choose to keep the suggested retail prices or set your own. Either way, you may update your pricing at any time. Once your prices are set, every order thereafter is calculated with your price-points for the customer.

Dealer Price Points

Other benefits of The Tailor-Made Dealer Program


For more information about becoming a Tailor-Made Dealer, call Tailor-Made Transfers at 1-888-322-3228 (Toll-Free outside PA) or 215-322-8444