Customer Reviews

Great job! I had my movies transferred years ago to a VHS tape. I brought it to you to get a DVD made and you asked if I still had the original movies, which I did! Wow! What a difference, the new transfer looked BETTER than the originals! I'm so excited, can you tell??!! Thanks Tailor-Made!Doylestown, PA
December 2015
Thank you so much for delivering a family treasure. I called your ad not knowing what to do and your staff guided me through what has turned out to be a wonderful experience. I can't wait to share my new DVDs with my family!Tonya B – Holland, PA
December 2015
I'm so glad I found Tailor Made Video. I spoke to different people on the phone several times, with questions. Everyone was really patient with me, I'm told, I can be difficult. My experience from start to finish was great. I was very happy with how kind the people who work there are. I felt like they really cared about me and all of my questions. Thanks for the great job you did for a crazy old lady. And fast, too!Eleanor M – Dover, DE
November 2015
I remember my father taking home movies on an old movie camera for years during our childhood. When we discovered a box on the top shelf of the coat closet, we thought we struck gold! There were all of his old movies. We found out about Tailor Made through a friend who had used them with great results and hesitantly sent them off. We couldn't be happier with the DVDs we received back in only a week! I had copies made and am going to give everyone in the family the best Christmas gift!Roger R – Greece, NY
October 2015
I'm not one to write in about being satisfied with a service, but this place really made want to. I didn't know anything about how to get my videotapes to DVDs, and they didn't make me feel stupid , They were very helpful and even gave me a discount because I had so many tapes. Kudos guys!Sam E – Middletown, OH
July 2015
I would like to say Thank You for doing our transfers so quickly:-) You did an amazing job and rushed our order for a wonderful Anniversary gift. Our family is very pleased with your work. Great Job!Stacey D – Pueblo, CO
May 2015
I am in absolute in awe of their superb customer service. They are totally customer driven and always go above and beyond to fulfill our clients' needs, which in turn, reflects very highly upon us. Hats off to the TM team!Jim D – Long Beach Island, NJ
May 2015
For years I have been frequenting Tailor-Made and I have been not just delighted with their professional product but also their ability to "read your mind" as to what you wish for them to accomplish with the most cordial and accommodating attitude. If you try them, you will never go anywhere else. I am not a business associate, social friend, just a grateful customer!Arnold S – Cherry Hill, NJ
April 2015
What would you say about a family business that performed incredibly professionally, accomplished exactly what you requested and were among the nicest, most accommodating people that you ever met? I would say that you have encountered a business that described Tailor-Made to a "T"!!!!! You will be thankful that you did, if you give Tailor-Made a try. Even those employees who are not family ARE family! I have been counting on them for terrific work and prices for years.Arnold S – Cherry Hill, NJ
April 2015
We first discovered Tailor-Made when my father died and we needed a quick video of a lot of old pictures on a DVD in time for the funeral. They were not only compassionate and understanding, they were fast in delivering the most beautiful tribute video I've ever saw. We'll have this memory forever. We went back and had copies made for many people who wanted them.Herbert M – Philadelphia, PA
August 2014
I originally took my movies to CXXXXX and when we got them back we were really disappointed. We brought the DVDs and film to Tailor Made and asked if they thought they could improve the quality. They first did a sample of 400 feet worth of film and, let me tell you, we were blown away with the quality! They gave us a DVD with a side by side comparison so we could take it back to CXXXX to get our money back. The employee at CXXXX didn't care and refunded our money in full (it was almost 7000 feet of film!) and told us "this happens all the time"! We couldn't believe it! Who knew that there could be such a difference in quality?! Tailor Made treated us like family! We recommend them regularly to all of our friends. Thanks Tailor-Made for bringing our memories to life!Helen K – Warrington, PA
June 2014
Hurricane Sandy struck our area with a vengeance. We lost almost everything in our home. Of all the things that we lost, the most devastating were our family photos. They cannot be replaced. In the mud we salvaged our old 8mm home movies which we sent to Tailor Made to see if they could save them. When we got them back we were amazed and so emotional. Our movies were as beautiful as the day they were taken. We sent Tailor Made a soggy mess, and they returned our precious memories in perfect condition. We are so thankful!Sue H – Brigantine, NJ
December 2012